S3, Episode 18- Heidi Moawad- Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine

May 26, 2017

Welcome back to our monthly fireside chat with a physician to get to know their journey, their joys, and their struggles with finances and outside of finances.

This show is not always about actionable content. It is however a chance for you to see behind the curtains, to walk in another person’s shoes and experience their lives.

Our next guest is a neurologist and is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and completed neurology residency training at The University of Chicago Hospital.

She is an adjunct professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, and is a featured medical writer for a number of websites, including nonclinicaldoctors.com, Verywell.com, Neurology Times, and Physician Money Digest. Dr. Moawad is the author of Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, an Oxford University Press publication

I can’t wait to hear about her journey!

Please help me welcome Dr. Heidi Moawad.

In this podcast, you will...

  • Why she became a physician (Hint: It's a family thing)
  • Discover what inspired her to write a book about the life beyond clinical medicine
  • Learn how being in an immigrant family influenced her perception of money
  • What is the advice she would give to her younger self (Hint: this has to do with her decision with what happened right after residency)
  • Discover the costly mistake with negotiation and tail insurance that she made
  • Why she doesn't think of medicine as an honest profession even though she wants it to be
  • Learn what financial freedom means to her
  • How she got started in her writing career and started to get paid


Resources Mentioned In This Podcast

Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine Book


Non-Clinical Doctors Website


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