April 24, 2018

Have you ever wanted to open your own cash-based, insurance free practice?

If the answer is YES then I invite you to attend a special workshop, led by my friend. Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, who I’ve previously interviewed on this podcast.  

Mike is a physician Entrepreneur, who has been quietly teaching physicians a special type of medical practice that is cash pay only and takes no insurance.

He calls them “Paradise” practices.  And they have been wildly popular not only for patients but for the physician owners. Because it allows you to work less while making more.

Well, Mike and his team are looking to help more doctors who want to learn this successful system that trains you to build these cash pay, insurance free practices that can work in almost any location.

And as friends of the Doctor Freedom Podcast, He wants to give my podcast listeners a special discount if you would like to attend this exclusive workshop

If this Resonates with you, I invite you to go to this link And receive $100 off your registration.

That’s and get $100 of your ticket.