S3, Episode 10- My Faith & My Finances

March 10, 2017

How much do you give to others? An even better question might be- how much should you give to others?

Should we stay focused solely on our retirement? Should we pay for our kids education?

These are tough questions my friends.


We are each brought up differently with an assortment of values and certainly these values guide and direct our thoughts.

This is through the lens of my world view. I’m going to get raw and real about what happens in our house.

Many folks say that you shouldn't talk about politics or religion. You know what? Forget that!

This topic is very, very important and it is worth a discussion because it does impact our finances.

In this podcast, you will...

  • Learn how I think of giving
  • Discover the commitment that my wife and I have to giving (and the consequences of that decision)
  • Learn about the tension that giving is leading to in our marriage
  • What you should consider when you think of giving

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