S3, Episode 17- Tools of The Titans- A Review

May 5, 2017

Every so often, I like to let you know about an interesting, helpful book I read. The most recent one is a 650 page behemoth focused on health, wealth, and wisdom.

I pounded all the way through it- read every single page- all 650 of them.

It features all-stars, movie stars, billionaires, millionaires, and a whole bunch of other people I never heard of.

There are some things I really didn't like, but there are also some super awesome pearls of wisdom.

It is written by none other than Tim Ferriss.

Find out what I said in the podcast.

In this podcast, you will...

  • Discover the section of the book that I really didn't like and thought was kind of weird
  • How I was challenged in one area of my health (Hint: This doesn't involve food or exercise)
  • Learn about the mindset tools that I am personally using and some others that I will use in the future, including a meditation podcast that I listen to regularly
  • Discover the 'Jar of Awesome' and how I want to use it for my family & I
  • Learn what my two favorite interviews were within the book and what I gained out of them

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast

The 4 Hour Work Week


The 4 Hour Body


Tim Ferriss' Podcast

Tools of the Titans

Headspace App

Sam Harris' Guided Meditation

Tara Brach Guided Meditation

Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton

Tim Ferriss Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tim Ferriss Interview with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Podcast

Jim Dahle's White Coat Investor Blog

Damion Lupo- Get Dirty


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