S3, Episode- 4- Alan Pitt- Part 1- His Family Business of Medicine (Healthcare Pittstop Podcast)

January 27, 2017

My name is Dave Denniston, your host. Welcome back to the latest episode of The Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast. I split this conversation into two parts- this is part one.

Welcome back to our monthly fireside chat with a physician to get to know their journey, their joys, and their struggles with finances and outside of finances.

Our next guest is a physician and a fellow podcaster and a blogger. He said that, “I’ve lived my life in healthcare. I grew up in a medical household, and later got an M.D. Now, in mid-life, I am saddened and dismayed. America is the wealthiest country in the world, yet we often bankrupt our citizens when they become ill. We cure what seems incurable, but then abandon the many others. Care is often replaced by technology.”

He is now on a mission from his content to bring together the places, the people, and the systems that define this care and to have heart-to-heart conversations that can make changes in the system.

He is a Professor of Neuroradiology at the Barrow Neurological institute, a Chief Medical Officer at Avizia, a husband, and a father.

Please help me welcome Dr. Alan Pitt.

In this podcast, you will...

- Learn from a "family business" physician the change with digital economy healthcare.
- Discover why he feels medicine was a secure profession, but isn't now
- How he advises young physicians who have six figures in student debt
- Learn his one suggestion to keep low costs up front 
- Why he suggested to his daughter not to go to medical school (Hint: She didn't listen. Find out why

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