S3, Episode 6- [Physician Fireside Chat] John McBurney- Part 1- Lure of Too Good To Be True

February 3, 2017

In another fireside chat, I connected with Dr. John McBurney on LinkedIn. He and I spent over 1.5 hours talking about his journey and the wisdom he would impart to other doctors. 

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This podcast is dedicated to helping doctors like you slash your debt, slash your taxes, and live a liberated lifestyle.

Dr. McBurney is a neurologist who started with the military, moved to private practice working under other physician owners, and now today is doing locums full time while he is establishing his own private practice.


In part one of this interview, you will:

- Discover how a small town boy came to see physicians as the role models he wanted to emulate

- Learn how he came out with almost no student debt and how he feels student debt today is a trap
- Why money wasn't something he developed a significant relationship with when he grew up
- How being in the army helped him to keep his finances under control
- Why he decided on the military option
- Discover how he made great money as an intern
- How buying and selling real estate hurt his financial future
- Learn how the decision of '20' played into his decision of going into private practice eventually
- Why he prefers being a military doc to 'abusive' private practice medicine
- Hear the story of how he witnessed medicare fraud and why he had to testify against a former colleague
- Who the person who gave him the best financial advice (Hint: It was someone really close to him that wasn't his parents)
- How a hairdresser had an estate over $1 million




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