S3, Episode 7- [Physician Fireside Chat with Dr. John McBurney]- Part 2- How He Is Starting His Ideal Medical Practice

February 10, 2017

This episode continues the journey of Dr. John McBurney. Make sure to check out part one from last week or check out the entire podcast by clicking here!

In this fireside chat, we uncover his financial choices and decisions. His vices and his greatest decisions and the advice he would give to a younger John.


In this podcast you will..

- Discover his guilty pleasure of cars and what that meant to their retirement (Hint: He wasn't a popular guy at home for a time)
- How he simplified his finances to set himself up for retire
- What kind of corporation he is using for locums
- Learn what he promised his kids financially
- What kind of practice he will be establishing and the model he is following (Hint: It involves a past podcast guest)
- Discover how he is going to work with chiropractors, energy healers, and how a wellness center factors into that
- Learn how he is using locums as a bridge between his last job and his ideal clinic
- Why john's situation is significantly different than the normal ideal medical practice that others are setting up and what he is doing to set it up for success
- Discover john's advice to his younger self (Hint: it involves a curve) and what he would avoid 
- Learn the stupid mistake that he thinks many practice owners make for the sake of reducing taxes
- How the combination of charting and locums leads to more money
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