S3, Episode 8- Jake Conway- Top 3 Business Mistakes Doctors & Dentists Make In Their Practice [Dentalpreneur Podcast]

February 24, 2017

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If you own a private practice or hope to own one day, I’m guessing you’ve heard about the equity that you can build.

After all, it’s another asset. And it can be worth a TON of money with all the sweat, blood, and tears that you put into it. But how can you gain the most out of this asset?

If you have been grappling with these kinds of questions or if you are simply curious about them, you are going to love our next guest.

Our next guest’s expertise lies in the area of valuation. I first heard him on the Dental Preneuer podcast. He was talking about some of the common mistakes that dentists make and I was nodding my head and saying YES outloud. It was such good stuff, I wanted to make sure to invite him onto this podcast.

I know we’re going to learn a ton today.

Please help me welcome Jake Conway

In this podcast, you will...

  • Discover the Top 3 Financial Mistakes Dentists Make In Their Practices (and maybe you are too!)
  • Learn where you might want to negotitate & snag low hanging fruit
  • Discover the numbers & formulas that lead to success (Hint: It involves a 30/30/30/10 rule)
  • Learn the hack around costly supplies that they use to negotiate
  • How the trade-off between being an employee and employer can be a huge opportunity cost worth considering
  • and much more!

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