S4 Episode 13-Home Buying and Interest Rate Update With Josh Mettle of Physician Financial Success

March 23, 2018

Hello my friends, this is Dave Denniston, and welcome back to another episode of Freedom Formula for Physician's Podcast.  Joining us for this episode is a three-time guest.  He is an author, mortgage lender, specializing in physicians, dentists, CRNAs and PAs, and you'll hear him on his own podcast, Physician Financial Success Podcast.  Please help me welcome Josh Mettle. 

In the past we've discussed buying homes and rental real estate.  This is a great time of the year to discuss these topics if you're transitioning to practice, buying your first home.  Or maybe you've been an attending for the last year or two and now you're considering buying your first home.  This episode is just for you. 


In this podcast episode you will:

  • Hear about the two colliding forces that will cause mortgage interest rates to go up from here on out, and how to prepare yourself for it
  • Learn why mortgage rates are starting to move up, yields are moving higher, how that is affecting the season of buying bonds and how that will make an impact on home purchases
  • Discover how new home sales, existing homes, and permits might be affecting demand and supply
  • Get great advice on how to look at purchasing and owning your home with the "big picture in mind" vs. your home owning you
  • Learn why living like a resident financially after transitioning to practice for the first couple years and paying off your student loans quickly will help you be better financially secure for the future

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Josh Mettle- Real Estate Smashing Failures & Glorious Successes

The Tax Reduction Prescription with Josh Mettle

Josh Mettle- The Pitfalls of Physician Mortgages


Physician Financial Success Podcast



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