S4 Episode 4-Working the Side Hustle Flow- Nick Loper

January 19, 2018

My name is Dave Denniston. Welcome back my friends to the latest episode of The Freedom
Formula for Physicians Podcast.

My friend, as you know, I am captivated by the idea of side hustles. I have this podcast of
course. I’m an author. I acquired a digital business earlier this year and now my wife and I are
getting into the land flipping business.

You may think that’s crazy and that’s okay! I have someone here with me who is just as crazy
as I am and we are going to dig in and find out why. Our next guest is the Chief Side Hustler at
Side Hustle Nation.

He’s an entrepreneur involved in a variety of projects. Like any business, it has its ups and
downs, which can be stressful, but he learn something new every day.

He started Side Hustle Nation because he believes in the hustle. He would say... after all,
what’s riskier: starting a business, or relying on your job as your only source of income?

He used to work full-time for a giant corporation, but he built his biz over many nights and
weekends. He believe that you can do it too.

Please help me welcome Nick Loper from The Side Hustle Show.

In this podcast you will:

  • Be motivated to not just settle for an average life
  • Receive advice on how to focus your time and assets into what works best for you
  • Ask yourself this question: What assets or skills do I have that could be leveraged in a unique or valuable way?
  • Learn how a side hustle can be fun and not stressful
  • Discover tools on how to live life more proactive and less reactive


Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Side Hustle Nation 

Side Hustle Nation Show

A Time Logger App

How To Shortcut Your Financial Freedom with Short-Term Rentals ($15k a Month, Part-Time) with Zeona McIntyre

If you are a physician or someone else servicing physicians and want to tell your story, grapple
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