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S2 Episode 44-5 Financial Lessons from Broke Athletes

May 15, 2020

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I was recently reading about a basketball athlete that went broke... Darius Miles. He's just a shade younger than me and his basketball career is over.

It broke my heart.

Unfortunately, he's not the only one. There's been dozens of cases of athletes running out of money despite earning tens of millions of dollars. 

I was asking myself, how do these incredibly talented athletes blow through so much money? What can we learn from them?


I started reading and reading and reading some more. I checked out some specific stories that I think would be helpful to you. I identified 5 specific lessons that we can take away from athletes that go broke.

In this podcast, you will discover...

  • The financial schemes that cost Scott Eyre nearly all of his life time earnings. He had to beg his franchise for an early day.
  • The shocking amount of money that Evander Holyfield couldn't pay and the 11 reasons why he went broke
  • The financial poison that kills the financial health of athletes & physicians alike
  • How Rich Dad, Poor Dad may be a poor influence on athletes and what you can learn from one of their biggest mistakes
  • The biggest financial principal that causes athletes to go broke
For the whole podcast, show notes, and oodles of resources, check out 

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