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[Throwback] S1, Episode 9- Alex Macielak with DRB- NEW Simple & Easy Debt Refinancing for Residents & Fellows

March 8, 2019

Welcome to my latest episode of The Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast.

As many of you know who read the Freedom Formula for Physicians, I have a passion for reducing, eliminating, and destroying debt.

When the banks were thrown into the pits in the depths of the debt crisis, we’ve seen a tremendous change in the way student loans have operated and now with DRB, even residents and fellows could refinance their debts!

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Alex Macielak from DRB on the podcast.

In this podcast, we reveal:

- Learn about the NEW ground-breaking HUGE interest rate reduction plan for residents & fellows

- How they are mirroring IBR & PER to keep monthly payments cheap while in residency/fellowship

- Why DRB often comes cheaper than their competitors & how you can see that for yourself AT NO COST whether you are brand new to DRB or are already with them

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