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S2, Episode 34-[Confession] Why Credit Card Rewards Never Work Out The Way You Plan

March 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered if you are getting screwed by your credit cards?

Could there be a better deal available?

How can you compare one card versus another?

What happened to me recently is that I was forced to think more about this when a regular listener sent me an e-mail. I was intrigued by the question and dug into some research.

I was really happy with the resources I found in the process. Plus... it forced me to look at my own spending habits and made me question if I am going about money the right way.

Have you ever felt that way?

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In this podcast, you will discover...

  • Listen to the frightening e-mail I received from a regular listener
  • How you should think about credit cards & compare rewards
  • The website I use to analyze credit cards & discover why I think it is so awesome
  • Why I believe credit is better than debit (Hint: It's due to an 8 letter word)
  • Why we don't need to budget & how to work around it
  • What I learned about my money habits in a quiz

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