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S2, Episode 20-The Price of Delay- Physician Fireside Chat with Gary Snead, DO

December 20, 2019

Our next guest responded to an e-mail I sent out. He is generous enough to share with us his journey and his wisdom.

He is a pediatrician. However, I’m guessing he hasn’t always wanted to be a doctor. He got his undergrad at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and then took classes in theology at the Lutheran School of Theology. He took a couple of years off and then pursued becoming a DO and a doctor.

Years later- he shared with me that he is finishing steps of a buy out to the regional medical corporation.

Please help me welcome Dr. Gary Snead.

In this podcast, you will learn from Gary:

- Why he went into theology school before medical school (& how it had a positive outcome on his career)

- How his delay in paying his student debt ballooned his balance from $30k to over $100k (Hint: He went to school in the 80's)

- How 2 of his medical school classmates grinded through medical school and paid off debt while they were there

- His inspirational life advice to residents & fellows

- How Gary wrestled with his money and the decisions he made which changed how his money was managed

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