S3, Episode 21-Larry Harbolt-The Real Deal [larryharbolt.com]

June 16, 2017

I know many and many of you love real estate or maybe you have been thinking about it and you’re interested in it and would like to know more. It is something that I have a personal interest in and am getting more and more knowledge on it. As such I have been listening to some podcasts and one of my favorites is a man who is here with me.


He’s a seasoned gentleman, to say it politely. He’s done 1,000 of real estate deals and many and many courses.

He is the real deal. He brings out of the box thinking that I think will be very valuable to us today. About how to invest in real estate, what to look for, weather your dead broke like a resident or extremely wealthy and have some cash to put to work.

Please help me welcome Larry Harbolt of the Larry Harbolt show!



In this podcast you will:

  • Discover why real estate is the #1 way to generate money from assets.
  • Learn about the critical difference between seller financing vs bank financing
  • How to find the deals without using realtors
  • Find the lessons learned throughout his 30+ year career in real estate
  • Discover the 4 types of real estate purchasing
  • Learn Larry’s best business advice to physicians (HINT: It’s not what you may think)


Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Larry Harbolt website

Email: info@larryharbolt.com

Larry Harbolt Podcast


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