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S4 Episode 10-Med School, Residency, Loans-”OH MY”!-Navigating the course of Medical School Debt with Travis Hornsby

March 2, 2018

Hello my friends, this is Dave Denniston, and welcome back to another episode of Freedom Formula for Physician's Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping doctors like you slash your debt, slash your taxes, and live a liberated lifestyle.  And today we're focusing on the debt side of that equation.  

Our next guest founded Student Loan Planner after helping his physician now wife, now wife navigate ridiculously complex student loan repayments following med school.  To date, he has personally consulted on over $200 million in student debt, personally more than anyone else in the country.  And this is a guy after my heart own heart-he is an Eagle Scout, a CFA (chartered financial analyst, he used to do a bunch of trading back in the day.  Now, his focus is on student load debt payment.  Please help me welcome Travis Hornsby.
In this podcast you will:
  • Learn how to make a strategic plan when graduating from med school with significant debt
  • Get an inside look at Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and how and when to apply
  • Discover how Travis and his wife Christine navigated through the FFEL (Federal Family Education Loan) program
  • Why you shouldn't consolidate all your loans at END of your residency
  • Learn about the Direct Loan Program
  • Why refinancing may be the best option to repay your student loans during residency

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Contact Travis directly at

Student Loan Planner

 "To learn more about Student Loan Planner's services, see if a student loan consultant is right for you.
If you're confident you want to pay back your med school loans as fast as possible, check out these cash back bonuses for refinancing student loans."

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Remember, make sure to slash your debt, slash your taxes, and live a liberated lifestyle.