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S4, Episode 8-[Physician Fireside Chat] Doctorpreneur, Survivor, Physician Edna Ma []

February 16, 2018

Our next guest is a board-certified anesthesiologist working both in academic/private hospitals in Los Angeles. She is an entrepreneur, an author and a mother of two and a wife. Where does she find the time?

In an attempt to raise money for her start-up, she accepted the challenge and opportunity to compete as a castaway on the hit reality TV show Survivor. She was on the hit TV show during season 5 of Shark Tank.

Edna has written three children’s books which celebrate cultural and racial diversity.

Outside of the operating room, Edna attempts to balance work, life, and being mother/wife. I bet she has some tips we all could use for work-life balance.

Please help me welcome Dr. Edna Ma!

In this podcast you will:

  • Learn Edna's different views on debt from residency to now.
  • Discover her influences on money and how her unique childhood affects how she handles money today.
  • Acquire her view on what financial freedom is to her and her family.
  • Learn how creatively juggled her anesthesiology career and her side hustle.
  • Find out why she calls her Survivor experience "creative financing!"(HINT: You won't believe this story)

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