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S5, Episode 12- The Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing with Dr Vanessa Peters

July 24, 2020

How can a super busy physician find the time and energy to invest into real estate?

Welcome back to our monthly fireside chat with a physician to get to know their journey, their joys, and their struggles with finances and outside of finances.

This show is not always about actionable content. It is however a chance for you to see behind the curtains, to walk in another person’s shoes and experience their lives.

Our next guest was kind enough to join me to discuss how CovID19 has impacted her medical practice and of course we talk about her journey in real estate!

She has a full time busy Family Practice in Escondido, California and serves as the Chief Physician Officer for a physician owned medical group of 84 providers and 12 locations.

She is passionate about building wealth and having her money work hard for her so she can spend time doing things she loves with the people she loves.  After learning about real estate investments such as syndications, she has been passively investing but also founded VMD Investing to help other busy professionals. She enjoys educating and showing them the options available to accredited investors so they are also able to create a passive stream of income and break the time = money equation.

Please help me welcome Dr. Vanessa Peters!

In this podcast, you will discover:

  • How her practice has been impacted by CovID19 and what they are doing to shift
  • What is and what isn't passive real estate investing
  • How she got started in real estate investing and lessons learned along the way
  • What her process is for investing in Syndications and 3 key questions that she asks

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

The Busy Professional's Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing - A physician's guide to building wealth, creating financial freedom and leaving a legacy.

VMD Investing

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