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S5, Episode 2- Ditch the Mindset with Dr. Eric George

June 16, 2020

I’d like to welcome Dr. Eric George to our show. He is one of the most successful physician-
entrepreneurs in the country, and he wants to share his expertise to help you achieve financial freedom.
Before we get started, let’s review his background.

He is the founder and CEO of Hand Center of Louisiana, an ambulatory practice based in New Orleans; CEO of Omega Hospital, a specialty surgical hospital; chairman of East Jefferson Ambulatory Surgical Center; and founder and CEO of ERG Enterprises, an investment company with a portfolio worth more than $1 billion in assets.

Dr. George is a thought leader on entrepreneurship and investing, and his first book was
published last year called, We: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World, which is about the personal
and professional philosophy that has led to his success as a physician, entrepreneur, investor, father, and

Welcome, Dr. George, we’re glad to have you on the show.

In this episode, we discover...

- How a plane crash influenced his childhood & what drove him into medicine

- What profession most of his family was in. (Hint: It wasn't a bunch of physicians)

- How he acquired multiple practices

- Why he got into real estate and what he's doing now

- What he would say to young physicians to do today

Resources Mentioned

His Newest Boook- We: Ditch the Mindset and Change the World


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