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S5, Episode 4- The Physician Blogger O.G with Dr. Ben White of

June 23, 2020

Our next guest is Dr. Ben White. He is a physician (radiologist) who is married to another physician (physciatrist).

He does medicine by day and blogging by night! (kind of).

He's an author whose focus has been simply to share his thoughts rather than monetizing his podcast.

I think you'll find a very down-to-earth and easy to relate to guy. He comes with some great perspectives and thoughts for all of us.

In this podcast, you will discover...

- When we met his wife (Hint: He was pretty young!)

- What his parents thought of becoming a doctor and his specialty

- Why his family seemed not very well off and what that taught him

- What his experiences were with his student loans and how he went from no debt to loads of debt

- Why he started his blog 11 years ago and what he's learned along the way. Also, what has kept him going?

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

- Ben's Blog:

- Medical Student Loans Book:

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