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S5, Episode 5- From Indian Medical Student to US Real Estate Investor with Dr. Harsha Moole of PhysicianEstate

June 26, 2020

Our next guest, Dr. Harsha Moole, is an Internal Medicine Physician-Scientist in the US. 

He is the Principal of PhysicianEstate, an online real estate platform directed towards physicians in USA. PhysicianEstate provides free resources (eBooksBlog contentPodcasts) on asset protection, tax strategizing, prevention of medical malpractice litigation, real estate education, and passive income streams. 

In this podcast, you will discover...

- How he grew up in India (and whether it has spicy food or not!)

- What influenced him to become a physician

- What is the MBBS and why do so many Indian physicians have it?

- When Indian medical students have to pay a significant amount of money for MBBS and when they don't

- What he thought of his resident's salary and his first paycheck

- How he would compare Indian families, South American families, and US families

- The real estate website he got started his education on 

- What he thinks is the key to his current success and future success

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