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S5, Episode 7- 3 Vital Money Lessons from CovID19 (and the Great Recession)

July 3, 2020

Welcome to my first solo episode of season 5!

In this crazy time where people are hurting and dying, I've taken some time to reflect.

What money lessons have I learned this time? Did I learn my lessons from last time?

How has my attitude about money changed over time?

What would I recommend for others to do?

In this episode, you will discover...

- The 1st big lesson that I feel most everyone could be doing a better job of. I know I didn't have a large enough one of these last time around!

- The 2nd big lesson is something that I implemented several times over and I wish I had gotten started earlier

- The final lesson has to do with time. What I wish I would have done differently this time.

Resources Mentioned

The 10 Most Difficult Years of My Life

My Financial Experiments- Q3 2018

My Financial Experiments- Q2 2018

My Financial Experiments- Q1 2018

My Financial Experiments- Q4 2017

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