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S5, Episode 8- How The Corona Virus Is Impacting Mortgages and Real Estate with Josh Mettle of Physician Financial Success Podcast and Fairway Independent Mortgage

July 7, 2020

Hello my friends, this is Dave Denniston, and welcome back to another episode of Freedom Formula for Physician’s Podcast.  Joining us for this episode is now a fourth-time guest.  He is an author, mortgage lender, specializing in physicians, dentists, CRNAs and PAs, and you’ll hear him on his own podcast from time-to-time, Physician Financial Success Podcast.

We recorded this episode in early March 2020 just as the Corona Virus was beginning to wreak havok. Although, we're a few months past that now--- the principles discussed here are vital to consider during this time. 

Please help me welcome back Josh Mettle.

In this podcast episode you will:

  • Hear about how mortgage interest rates have moved dramatically down and how it may impact you
  • Discover three smart strategies (including one that I am considering) as a reason for refinancing your home
  • How Josh has changed his real estate portfolio and what his most recent move was and why he did it
  • Great golden nuggets of advice for investing in real estate

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Josh Mettle- Real Estate Smashing Failures & Glorious Successes

The Tax Reduction Prescription with Josh Mettle

Josh Mettle- The Pitfalls of Physician Mortgages

Josh Mettle- 2018 Home Buying Update

Physician Financial Success Podcast

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