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S5, Episode 9- How is the Corona Virus Impacting Physician Contracts??? with Jon Appino of Contract Diagnostics

July 10, 2020

Today, we are going to focus on physician employment contracts and chat with Jon Appino, the CEO of Contract Diagnostics.

We are going to be exploring --- how is the corona virus impacting physicians contracts???

We recorded this episode in late March 2020. So, I'm a few months behind. Things were getting pretty darn bad at the time.

There were lots and lots of questions as to how the corona virus might impact physicians and we explored each of them.

As a matter of fact, this is Jon’s THIRD time on the show. The first two times inspired the contracts section of The Young Physician’s Guide to Money & Life.

Jon is somebody who brings value each and every time he is on the podcast. 

A little background on him...

Jon obtained his BS in Biology and Chemistry with a Pre-med focus. After deciding on a business career over medicine, he has spent the past 15+ years working in various sized companies and start-ups in the healthcare field. He completed his MBA in 2004 and launched his most recent company, Contract Diagnostics, in 2011. He is passionate about the education of Physicians with regards to the non-clinical (business) aspects of medicine.

What I think is pretty neat about this company is that Contract Diagnostics offers a wide range of review packages with price points starting at only a few hundred bucks with flexible payment plans for Residents and Fellows as they complete their training.

Enjoy the podcast with Jon Appino!

In this podcast, you will…

  • Discover what Jon thinks about how the virus may impact existing physician contracts
  • How the physician marketplace has shifted for residents and fellows
  • What young physicians should be considering and asking for in their contracts
  • Discover what Jon would revisit in existing contracts

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