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S2, Episode 24-The 10 Most Difficult Years of My Life

January 17, 2020

Have you ever been in a spot where you wonder if you could keep on going?

You wonder if you're going to make it...

When you listen to this podcast, you're about to discover the hardest, most difficult years of my life.

You see- I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Onward Nation podcast and I revealed things in that podcast that I never revealed before.

In just a moment, you're about to learn all about that journey..


In this podcast, Dave reveals:

  • Why I focus on physicians and the two most difficult events in my life that nearly broke me.
  • How I've overcome these tremendous adversities and the 3 daily habits that could help you too
  • The lessons I've learned in the process that could keep you from making the same mistakes
  • Some of the secret sauce tools and strategies that have helped me grow my business and that could help you too.

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